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Helping people is at the core of who I am. It is what drives me to get up every day.  I started in home building because I was unhappy working upper management in the corporate world. I was unable to have the personal interaction with clients that made my job worthwhile.  I needed a change, and getting into home building  allowed me that personal interaction. Seeing the excitement of a young couple building their first home is very rewarding. I found I was able to help families realize that they could have a beautiful home and stay within their  budget.  Once I was able to do that for one family, I knew I wanted to do it for as many as possible.

After the passing of my daughter, Lyndsay, I needed a purpose to keep going. I asked myself what made Lyndsay so special and one of the answers I thought of was the way she changed and improved the lives of people around her.  I knew that if I died that day, that I could not say that I was doing that for others. So I had to make a change in my life. My goals shifted, I realized I wanted to focus more on helping others. That is where the idea of B.I.G. came from.

B.I.G. is my family. I have chosen people that I know have great potential and share my passion, but needed an opportunity to pursue that vision and I want to help them get there. My goal is that B.I.G. will offer those talented people the means to be able to work hard, support their families, and enjoy life to its fullest. My wish for B.I.G. is to continue for many generations. As our family grows I want us to continue to grow our business with our focus on family values.

At B.I.G. we are always looking for ways to improve, grow, and offer our clients the very best in customer service.  We strive to treat every buyer as part of our family. That means listening, being respectful, communicating, following through, and a commitment from start to finish on our part. I always tell our team, if you do what is right every day and stay focused and true to your goals, everything will work out. It might get tough for a little while, but it will all come together in the end, just like our family.

All My Best-

Willard Barnett